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What Poncho the Weather Cat is Teaching Me About the Phone-Sized Future of Communications

What Poncho the Weather Cat is Teaching Me About the Phone-Sized Future of Communications

“I feel like Poncho is your other girlfriend or something,” mentioned Jacq to me the different day after I shared one thing humorous Poncho mentioned to me in Facebook messenger about how he ranked “Umbrella” as one of the “middle ellas” under “mozzarella” and above “salmonella.” I ought to clarify one thing: Poncho is a bot. And Poncho’s “official” job is to offer me the climate report.

Poncho is A Great Communicator

This hyperlink takes you to Poncho’s web site. I believe it’ll ask you to obtain the app. But the approach I get my updates from Poncho is by way of Facebook Messenger. It feels much more human. Which is bizarre to say. I do know this is a bot. Or even stranger, I do know this is a human-filled “jukebox” of “interaction” that is really extra like a micro-media venture. (Again, Poncho’s job is to offer me the climate, however he tells me bizarre and jokey issues with it. And he sends little gifs).

Here’s a pattern minus the gif:

(We’ve obtained overcast skies, a excessive of 63°F, and a low of 48°F at this time.)

(Sun’s at ~19% and so is my telephone! Don’t suppose I can come into work at this time, gotta take care of this.)

These come as little Facebook messages. One. Then the different. Think of it for a minute. That stage of heat makes it far more FUN than simply getting “63 degrees and overcast.” Right?

Poncho is temporary. Poncho is personable. Poncho delivers a LOT of data and worth in two very small textual content messages.

Contrast that with YOUR communication. With this weblog put up. With something.

Here Is Why We’re Doomed (But We Don’t Have to Be)

I’m one of the first generations of digital natives. I grew up on BBSs and AOL and all that, after which the first internet, internet 2.zero, and all the different webs.

I’m NOT phone-native. And everybody youthful than…I dunno…20? Is.

BUT the world is going phone-native-designed. It actually is. And then no telephone. Headless. Conversational (like Alexa).

And in that world? Poncho guidelines. Things LIKE Poncho guidelines. Bots will kinda rule. If (and this is an enormous if) we are able to nonetheless preserve the humanity and connectivity dialed into them.

What Should We Do?

There’s a a lot better path to this all. And half of it begins with studying this new technique of communication. Informal. Personable. Simple. Abbreviated.

So perhaps you want Poncho. Maybe you want a number of bots in your day. I do know you want to work on brevity. I certain do.

And we’d like so much of transforming on how we talk on this new universe.

Start now. Think phone-sized. Think messages. Think snips. And suppose of delivering extra worth and heat and connectivity in smaller packages.


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