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Throwing your dog a bone: Google now works purr-fectly for your furry friends

Throwing your dog a bone: Google now works purr-fectly for your furry friends

At Google, we intention to make our merchandise obtainable for everybody, all over the place. Today, we’re extending that objective to our most interesting, most devoted (and four-legged) friends. On the Google app for iOS, you’ll be able to now use 3D Touch on the app icon or head to settings and choose I’m Feeling Woof or I’m Feeling Meow to let your canine and cats get information on subjects they care about—whether or not meaning squeaky toys or a bowl of milk! With I’m Feeling Woof and I’m Feeling Meow on the Google app, canines and felines alike can surf pet-friendly information with simply a press of their paw.

Now when pups faucet on I’m Feeling Woof, no search question is just too far-fetched. Man’s greatest buddy can peruse squirrels, rawhide bones and frisbees to their hearts’ content material. Let the tail-wagging start.


On the opposite paw, kitties are capable of search the Google app with I’m Feeling Meow—or ought to we are saying wow?! Suddenly a world of fishbowls, birds and scratching posts are simply a whisker away. Fur actual.


Now that the Google app for iOS is raining cats and canine, we will flip our consideration to the remainder of the animal kingdom (and people who use Android)! Introducing “Google Play for Pets,” a new class of Android apps and video games to maintain your pet stimulated. See how Google Play for Pets advantages all sorts of creatures in our announcement video under. After all, who wouldn’t need apps, video games, and coaching instruments designed specifically for your dog, cat or… turtle?

Introducing Google Play for Pets

We hope right now’s bulletins will assist unlock the Internet for your favourite four-legged creatures. Now one of the best of Google is out there for all, irrespective of your location—or on this case—species.


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