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Digital Marketing Agency Cebu - Digital Marketing Consultancy and training

Getting a Consultant to help you with ideas or even just comment on your work yields a robust output.

Yes, we love to do constructive criticism to improve all corners of your work.

You can cut cost by getting an experienced digital marketing consultant before getting an agency to work on your brand.

The clients we have worked with cut their cost by 30% and gradually improved their conversion by 20% interval.

Why is this so?

When do you need a consultant?

Before investing in a campaign


  •   Analyze which KPIs to achieve.
  •   Research on the issues and solutions.
  •   Recommend action plans and strategies.
  •   Recommend campaig items and cost.
  •   Oversee campaign progress.

After Agency Campaign Consultancy


  •   Provide feedback & review agency work completion.
  •   Audit & QA agency work completion.
  •   Track & monitor agency KPIs.
  •   Closely communicate with marketing agency.
  •   Recommend further campaign optimizations.

One-on-one or group training.

Yes, we love doing coaching and training.

There are a lot of free resources and materials on the net, but learning from experienced specialists is a different level.

Mastering these digital marketing, wordpress development, lead generation and others take years, but with intensive training, it can be covered in days.

Skills Training & Courses We Provide


  •   Basic to advance SEO.
  •   Front-end WordPress Development.
  •   Lead Generation and Sales Funneling.
  •   Online Entrepreneurship.
  •   Email Marketing

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