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Persuasive Onboarding Emails: Lessons Stolen From Attorneys

Persuasive Onboarding Emails: Lessons Stolen From Attorneys

A profitable legal professional’s whole job rests on one query: can he persuade the jury to view the case as he does?

If he can, he wins.

Steal these 10 conversion classes from attorneys to make your SaaS onboarding emails extra persuasive and, within the course of, improve your conversions.

1. Know Your Goals

How are you aware if you’re profitable if you happen to don’t have a purpose? You can’t. Not having a purpose makes profitable use of analytics not possible.

A profitable legal professional — let’s name him John — has two objectives in his case. First purpose: show his case, whether or not his consumer is harmless or the defendant is responsible. Second purpose: a granular purpose for every witness and piece of proof that contributes to the success of his first purpose.

To illustrate, think about John is prosecuting a person for killing his spouse. He calls the boat dock attendant as a witness. His purpose for this witness? Getting her to confess that she noticed the defendant carrying his spouse’s limp physique onto his boat. This purpose contributes in the direction of John’s first purpose of proving the defendant is responsible.

So how does this speak of limp our bodies and objectives work to your SaaS onboarding emails?

You want to point out your new person the worth of your app. This is your first second purpose. You additionally want to steer them to pay to your app. This is your second purpose.

Assign one purpose for every onboarding e mail in your marketing campaign. Make positive every e mail’s purpose works in the direction of your marketing campaign’s first purpose: displaying the worth of your app. Think of your emails like stepping stones throughout a lake, guiding your new person in the direction of your first and second objectives.

2. Each Question Builds on The One Before

Attorney John builds his case query by query to show his consumer is harmless. His questions lead the witness down a path that John needs him to take, so he makes his level to the jury.

John can’t ask a query with out laying the inspiration for the logic of his subsequent query.

For instance, if somebody is suing as a result of he fell off a ladder, John may ask: “On January 5th, you walked by the barn and did you see a ladder?”

The witness says, “Yes.”

Now John can ask his subsequent query as a result of the witness confirmed he noticed the ladder in query: “That day, when you had this incident, you thought it was a good idea to climb this ladder?”

Notice how John’s first query units up his second query for the “yes” that he needs.

This technique is what you need to do along with your onboarding emails. Each e mail lays the groundwork for the emails coming subsequent by explaining one motion step that your new person should accomplish to succeed in your finish purpose.

Think of constructing a home. You must construct the inspiration earlier than the partitions, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a pile of timber, free wires, and moist cement.

This the place your first and second objectives come into play. Each of your onboarding emails’ objectives works in the direction of your first, huge purpose of profitable onboarding, like Attorney John’s witnesses contribute in the direction of proving Mr. Defendant is responsible. Figure out your onboarding purpose, then use every e mail to guide your person alongside the trail to finish that purpose. If you try this nicely, your person will even need to convert from a trial to paid person, undertaking your second purpose.

Here’s how: break down your onboarding course of into particular steps. Make every step into one e mail.

Then assemble these emails, so every e mail logically builds on the one coming earlier than.

For instance, if you happen to signed up for Zola Suite, you could activate your account to start out utilizing the software program. You can’t import or set up information with out taking this step. So the activation e mail triggers you to take that step.

I underlined the next step: activate your agency’s account by setting a password.

Here’s one other instance from MeetEdgar. This quick and candy e mail factors you within the course you could go.

meetedgar accounts are lonely email

The crimson field is the next step: sync your social media accounts.

three. Relevance Is Powerful

“You know, if you don’t want to testify on Tuesday,” I stated, “We can always subpoena you and you’ll have to show up whenever is most convenient for us.”

As a litigation paralegal, I used to be on the telephone with a reluctant witness. The legal professional I labored for had requested me to get this witness to testify in courtroom in two weeks. The witness didn’t need to.

“But if you work with me a little bit,” I stated. “I can work with you. We can schedule this for a day that is better for you.”

Suddenly his demeanor modified. Minutes later, I hung up with the witness’ testimony scheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Like this witness, your SaaS person solely cares about one factor: how will this app enhance their life?

Relevance to your person’s life and state of affairs are highly effective. Don’t make your person do the heavy lifting on understanding on how your app improves their life. When you present your person how your app advantages their life, your chance of getting a conversion skyrockets.

This is your duty in your persuasive onboarding emails.

Focus on getting your new person that first success. Here’s how:

  1. Use extra “you” in your emails than “I” or “we” to point out relevance to your person’s life. ​​​​​​
    Help your person perceive and use your software program. What basis do you could construct, in order that they’re profitable in utilizing your app? How are you able to set them up for achievement?
  2. drip lets get you set up email

    I underlined all of the spots the place Drip says “you.” Focus is squarely on the brand new person and their success.

    Relevance extends to buyer success tales. Customers solely care about what your software program did for different companies within the context of what your software program might do for his or her enterprise.

    Use buyer success tales which can be related to your buyer’s enterprise and state of affairs. A solopreneur isn’t going to narrate to a case research about Home Depot utilizing your app.

  3. Build the primary ten days of your onboarding marketing campaign, so your person achieves the aha second.
    Intercom found that the primary ten days after your new person indicators up to your software program are crucial. In this era, your new person is pumped to take motion and use your app.

    Capitalize on their pleasure by serving to them obtain the aha second. Your onboarding emails must direct that motion, so the aha second is triggered.

    How to determine your app’s aha second?

    Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures recommends:

    The easiest method to determine what success seems like to your buyer – earlier than you may break that down into milestones – is to ask them. What is their desired end result? How do they measure success themselves? How are they measured by their boss? What are they making an attempt to realize along with your product?

  4. I’d ask them what ‘success’ means to them first. Do that with a number of [users] from an analogous cohort (if in case you have a number of kinds of clients throughout varied use circumstances – as you typically discover in very horizontal merchandise – you could need to decide a perfect buyer to give attention to initially). Analyze that for similarities and patterns. Reduce it all the way down to a handful of absolute required outcomes, after which flip it again to them for approval/buy-in.

four. Break Down Resistance With Humor

If I requested you to give you 5 legal professional jokes in beneath 5 minutes, I wager you would.

Attorneys are universally hated. Even within the courtroom, attorneys are disliked by the decide, jury, and even their very own form: opposing counsel.

Attorney John is aware of this and makes use of humor to soften that resistance to win his case.

Pamela Hobbs researched how attorneys successfully used humor as a persuasion instrument.

Laughter produces, concurrently, a powerful fellow feeling amongst members and joint aggressiveness in opposition to outsiders. Heartily laughing collectively on the similar factor varieties a direct bond, a lot as enthusiasm for a similar supreme does. Finding the identical factor humorous shouldn’t be solely a prerequisite to an actual friendship, however fairly often step one to its formation.

In quick, we like individuals who make us chortle.

Like the jury eyeing Attorney John with a cocked eyebrow, your new SaaS person is skeptical. They’re questioning: will this app actually enhance my life?

Talk about resistance. The buyer needs to imagine your app will assist them, however they’ve been let down many occasions by empty guarantees made by crappy software program.

Inject some humor into your onboarding emails to interrupt down resistance.

I do know what you’re considering: writing humor is tough. So, as a substitute of forcing the humor — as a result of then it’s not humorous — consider your reader as a buddy. If it is sensible to your model, use sarcasm, humorous analogies, dry wit, or an sudden statement to faucet into that humor.

For instance, right here’s an e mail I not too long ago acquired from AppSumo that made me chortle:

appsumo email

The humorous half is within the crimson field. It’s humorous as a result of it’s a relatable, sudden statement.

5. Research is Vital

What the flicks don’t present are the lengthy months of analysis an legal professional does earlier than a trial begins.

This analysis is the longest a part of each case. Attorney John researches every a part of his case, investigates all proof, and interviews the witnesses. The purpose for this intense analysis is easy.

How can he persuade the jury of any truth when he has no context (aka analysis) for his speculation (aka argument) concerning the case’s occasions in order that he can show his case?

Research is important to a case’s success. The similar analysis part exists for persuasive onboarding emails. For an onboarding sequence to achieve success, it’s essential to know very important details about your person:

  • Why they signed up to your software program
  • What success for them seems like
  • The specifics of that success
  • What step one is in the direction of success (the aha second)
  • What steps are wanted to realize that aha second

Back to Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures. He says, “When I talk to someone about optimizing their SaaS free trial for more conversions, as an example, I ask them what a successful free trial looks like for their prospect. And no… it’s not ‘they convert to a paying customer.’ That’s YOUR definition of success; don’t confuse that with THEIR definition of success.”

To create persuasive onboarding emails that convert, it’s best to do analysis as your first step. Yes, even earlier than you begin writing or planning your sequence.

Here are some questions to start out your analysis:

  • Is your target market totally different out of your precise customers?
  • How your buyer makes use of your software program: for its supposed use? Or one thing else?
  • What do you could learn about your person to supply them with an excellent expertise?
  • What does the person must do to get worth out of your utility?
  • What are the prices and advantages of including friction to your onboarding course of?
  • What is the purpose when your person sees success in your app?
  • What are every steps wanted to realize that success?
  • At what level in your person’s lifecycle does onboarding must be accomplished?
  • What actions should your person usually take to drive development and income?

6. Create a Consistency Loop

A consistency loop is: “you did this before, so you’ll do it again.”

The first sure is the toughest sure to get. But when you get that first sure, the opposite ones are simpler.

For Attorney John, getting the witness to maintain speaking to him on the telephone as a substitute of hanging up is that first sure.

For your onboarding emails, the primary small dedication or first sure is your all-important welcome e mail. If your buyer opens your welcome e mail, they’ll need to open the remainder of your emails. Those subsequent requests are in line with their view of themselves.

So, make that welcome e mail darn good.

Here’s how: Set your person up for achievement. Going again to your analysis, work out step one your person must take to get success out of your app. Make that first step tremendous straightforward to take.

Second, give your welcome e mail some character. People need to join with different individuals. Give a glimpse of the human personalities behind your software program. Some SaaS firms, like Groove, have the welcome e mail come from the CEO.

groove ceo email

Look, there’s a individual behind this software program. And he’s pleasant and good. You really feel welcomed, don’t you?

7. Invoke Emotions

Research has discovered that the impact of feelings on choices of any form shouldn’t be random or a candy facet bonus. Emotions are highly effective and predictable drivers of choice making.

Attorney John is aware of this, so he makes use of emotion in his opening assertion to arrange the case and faucet into these feelings.

Maybe he faucets into probably the most highly effective emotion: anger. He slants his case in an “us versus them” mentality, or a name to “fight our quick-fix litigious society,” or a warcry of “don’t let evil triumph in the world.”

Steal his secret and set off an emotion in your new person, like pleasure or hopefulness.

Stirring your new person’s creativeness with story-based e mail copy is the way you faucet into that emotion. Paint an image by telling a narrative and getting your person to think about the pain-free life after being onboarded.

emotion in email

This e mail begins proper off with telling you a narrative and getting you to think about your life pain-free.

eight. Put Your Message Into Context

“As you were getting your beer, the lights went down in the auditorium,” the protection legal professional asks the plaintiff. “And you heard the guitar start playing and you panicked. So you started to run. Wouldn’t you say that’s why you didn’t see the water on the floor and you fell because you were missing the start of this show that you’d driven 500 miles to see?”

Plaintiff’s counsel asks the identical query, however differently: “You came around the corner and didn’t see the puddle of water right next to the auditorium’s curtain, because the hallway was dark and the curtain was closed, correct?”

The distinction between the 2 questions is within the framing.

“Framing means packaging information,” says Stuart Diamond, writer of Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals within the Real World. “Or presenting it using specific words and phrases that will be persuasive to the other party. The idea is to give people a vision of what the key issues are. If a restaurant is late with your reservation, ask, ‘Does this restaurant stand by its word?’ Or, to any service provider, ‘Is it your goal to make customers happy?’ Figuring out how to frame things comes from asking yourself the question, ‘What is really going on here?’”

For your onboarding emails, it’s best to body your message to let your new person see all the advantages of your software program.

Here are 3 ways to make use of framing in your emails:

  1. Provide a fast recap of why your person signed up. Your welcome e mail is a good spot to incorporate this data as Mixmax did.
  2. mixmax welcome email

    I marked all the advantages you get from utilizing Mixmax. Makes you need to use it, proper?

  3. Add a bit of line or headline above your testimonials to offer a snapshot of the testimonial. Connect the dots to your person between your e mail copy and the testimonial like Selena Soo did on this e mail.
  4. testimonial email

    I underlined the place the framing occurs. She places the testimonial into context, making it extra highly effective.

  5. Give an replace in your person’s progress in onboarding and inform them what meaning. Check out how Bitly did that on this e mail.
  6. bitly onboarding email

    Bonus factors to Bitly for already checking off one to-do on this record. It provides you a way of accomplishment.

9. Show and Tell a Story

Attorney John is aware of he’s simply an actor placing on a narrative for the jury. He brings in supporting actors within the type of witnesses to play out the story and help his case. In the method, he provides nonverbal commentary to assist the jury perceive the plot with an eyebrow cocked in skepticism or the way in which he phrases his questions.

Then he layers on one other persuasion method: storytelling. His whole case is a narrative concerning the occasions that lead as much as this trial.

For your onboarding emails to transform, steal Attorney John’s persuasion tactic: present and inform a narrative.

Joanna Wiebe, founding father of Copy Hackers and co-founder of Airstory, explains:

If you don’t inform, you danger leaving the most effective messages implied. Implying is BAD in conversion copywriting. Because there may be an excessive amount of room for error/interpretation if you suggest. The concept is to SHOW then TELL. First, present them what’s totally different or superior about you. Follow that up by explaining – in clear, significant phrases – what you’ve proven them, what you’ve implied.

To do that in your onboarding emails, present in your screenshots and testimonials, and inform within the copy you write. Tell your new person explicitly what your app does and the way it will profit their life. Then, present them a narrative to cement that concept.

coschedule testimonial sales email

Top half of e mail: reveals what’s totally different about CoSchedule. Bottom half: tells what’s totally different.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

Attorney John’s job is to advocate for his consumer. At the tip of his case, he should ask the jury to do one thing. Usually, that ask ties on to his finish purpose. For his case to achieve success, his ask have to be clear.

If he didn’t ask, he would fail at his job.

If you don’t ask, your emails won’t ever convert.

Your onboarding emails have an finish purpose: to correctly onboard your new person and present them the worth of your app. For your onboarding to achieve success, your new person will need to pay, so the app is completely of their life. In different phrases, a paid conversion.

I see too many onboarding emails skimp on that ask. Don’t be timid or shy about it.

Ask for the motion you need your person to take and make it apparent the way it advantages your person’s life.

Ask clearly and take away any obstacles about confusion like a number of CTAs in a single e mail, hesitancy in asking, or not displaying her the optimistic influence your app could have on their life. onboarding email trial offer’s ask is underlined in crimson. Notice there is just one CTA and you recognize precisely what you get by clicking that button.

Second, make it a simple motion that your person should do to finish your ask. For instance, if you ask them to pay for a 12 months subscription, lead them on to a checkout web page with as a lot data pre-filled in as potential. Don’t litter the trail with hidden work in your onboarding emails.

Last, like legal professional who explains to the jury tips on how to fill out the decision type so he wins they usually can all go dwelling, take your person by every step of your ask. Explain how they’ll seize her sensible concepts instantly utilizing your app like Evernote, they usually’ll by no means once more scramble for a pen and paper whereas their genius concept floats away, misplaced endlessly.

Bottom Line

Instead of studying about these persuasion ways that attorneys use, you may discover it useful to see and listen to them in individual. If so, head to your native courthouse to catch a trial and see persuasion in motion.

My suggestion is to see a civil trial. In these circumstances, events are preventing over cash, so fewer feelings muddle the courtroom than in a legal or household regulation case the place jail time, divorce, or youngster custody are decided. That makes it simpler to see the persuasion ways at play.

Persuasion is a delicate artwork and one which some attorneys wield higher than others. If you see a trial in individual, stick round lengthy sufficient to see no less than two attorneys query a witness.

But even if you happen to don’t see a trial, channel Matthew McConaughey’s perspective from The Lincoln Lawyer and steal these 10 persuasion ways to your onboarding emails and a style of attorneys’ conversion energy.

About the Author: Laura Lopuch is an e mail conversion engineer for SaaS and e-commerce firms. Her specialty is crafting persuasive onboarding e mail sequences. Want a welcome e mail that creates a consistency loop, so your customers say “gimme more”? Get her important guidelines and revolutionize your welcome e mail in opposition to boring nothingness.


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