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How to Write a Great Round-Up Post

How to Write a Great Round-Up Post

Three instances right now, I’ve been requested by a “blogger” to contribute to their superb “round-up” submit, the place they question specialists for his or her opinions on some subject that they really feel issues to the folks they fight to entertain with their “writing.” In the final of those posts, I used to be addressed by my very secret title of , indicating a very private contact in how the individual was searching for out assist.

How to Write a Great Round-Up Post


The thought virtually is sensible. Hey, one who is aware of one thing: Come and provides a sentence or two of your time about this subject. I’ll acquire all of it up after which publish it. People will adore it!

It’s not true. Make your self the reader, the patron of that “content” for a second. (I’m glad I don’t have to pay for citation marks. If you and I have been speaking face to face about this, my fingers can be sore from “air” “quotes” by now.) There’s no motive anybody actually desires to learn the opinions of a dozen or so “experts” on something specifically.

What do we wish? We need analysis boiled down into helpful knowledge. Far fewer folks learn the precise survey outcomes that others spend a lot of time gathering and tabulating. Instead, we learn the summaries.

But do we wish a bunch of individuals’s random, spat out ideas on a random subject hurled at us by some well-meaning low-end content material producer? No. Never. I’m simply going to say by no means.

Instead of Writing a Great Round-Up Post

Look. Roundup is a weed killer. It’s not a means to convey helpful info to somebody who would possibly want it. Instead of writing that subsequent nice round-up submit, do that as an alternative:

  • Brainstorm a listing of matters your reader would possibly really profit from realizing extra about.
  • Explain the issue the reader is going through from their aspect of the story.
  • Provide some info on potential options.
  • Offer actionable info on how to enhance or appropriate the issue.
  • Offer a follow-on or next-action that relates to what you promote, the place applicable.

That’s what folks need. Much greater than your lazy gathering of a bunch of individuals’s quickly-scribbled ideas on a random subject.

Some further studying on the subject of writing roundup posts from my esteemed colleague and pal, Christopher S. Penn.

And in order for you to join together with your consumers? Stick with me. Get my publication, the place I share methods to do higher for the folks you serve. And cease contributing to the round-up detritus that’s littering the Internet.

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