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Beyond A vs. B: How to get better results with better experiment design

Beyond A vs. B: How to get better results with better experiment design

The extra variations you take a look at, the extra your visitors might be break up whereas testing, and the longer it should take on your exams to attain statistical significance. Many firms merely can’t comply with the rules of MVT as a result of they don’t have sufficient visitors.

– Alhan Keser

Enter factorial experiment design. Factorial design permits for the pace of pure A/B testing mixed with the insights of multivariate testing.

Factorial design: The center floor

Factorial design is one other methodology of Design of Experiments. Similar to MVT, factorial design permits you to take a look at multiple factor change throughout the similar variation.

The biggest distinction is that factorial design doesn’t pressure you to take a look at each potential mixture of adjustments.

Rather than making a variation for each mixture of modified parts (as you’d with MVT), you possibly can design your experiment to deal with particular isolations that you simply hypothesize may have the most important impression.

With primary factorial experiment design, you might arrange the next variations in our hypothetical instance:

VarA: Change A = +10%
VarB: Change A + B = +15%
VarC: Change A + B + C = -10%
VarD: Change A + B + C + D = -5%

In this primary instance, variation A includes a single change; VarB is constructed on VarA, and VarC is constructed on VarB.

NOTE: With factorial design, estimating the worth (e.g. conversion price raise) of every change is a little more complicated than proven above. I’ll clarify.

Firstly, let’s think about that our management web page has a baseline conversion price of 10% and that every variation receives 1,000 distinctive guests throughout your take a look at.

When you estimate the worth of change A, you might be utilizing your management as a baseline.

factorial testing widerfunnel
Variation A versus the management.

Given the above data, you’d estimate that change A is price a 10% raise by evaluating the 11% conversion price of variation A in opposition to the 10% conversion price of your management.

The estimated conversion price raise of change A = (11 / 10 – 1) = 10%

But, when estimating the worth of change B, variation A should turn out to be your new baseline.

factorial testing widerfunnel
Variation B versus variation A.

The estimated conversion price raise of change B = (11.5 / 11 – 1) = four.5%

As you possibly can see, the ‘value’ of change B is barely completely different from the 5% distinction proven above.

When you construction your exams with factorial design, you possibly can work backwards to isolate the impact of every particular person change by evaluating variations. But, on this state of affairs, you have got 4 variations as an alternative of 15.

Mike St Laurent

We are basically nesting A/B exams into bigger experiments in order that we are able to nonetheless get results rapidly with out sacrificing insights gained by isolations.

– Michael St Laurent, Optimization Strategist, WiderFunnel

Then, you’d merely re-validate the hypothesized optimistic results (Change A + B + D) in an ordinary A/B take a look at in opposition to the unique management to see if the numbers align with your prediction.

Factorial permits you to get the perfect potential raise, with 5 whole variations in two exams, moderately than 15 variations in a single multivariate take a look at.

But, wait…

It’s not all the time that straightforward. How do you hypothesize which parts may have the most important impression? How do you select which adjustments to mix and which to isolate?

The Strategist’s Exploration

The reply lies within the Explore (or analysis gathering) part of your testing course of.

At WiderFunnel, Explore is an expansive considering zone, the place all choices are thought-about. Ideas are knowledgeable by what you are promoting context, persuasion rules, digital analytics, person analysis, and your previous take a look at insights and archive.

Experience is the opposite facet to this coin. A seasoned optimization strategist can have a look at the proposed adjustments and decide which adjustments to mix (i.e. cluster), and which adjustments must be remoted due to threat or potential insights to be gained.

At WiderFunnel, we don’t simply put money into the rigorous coaching of our Strategists. We even have a 10-year-deep take a look at archive that our Strategy workforce repeatedly attracts upon when figuring out which adjustments to cluster, and which to isolate.

Factorial design in motion: A case research

Once upon a time, we had been testing with Annie Selke, a retailer of luxurious home-ware items. This story follows two experiments we ran on Annie Selke’s product class web page.

(You might have already examine what we did throughout this take a look at, however now I’m going to get into the main points of how we did it. It’s a fantastic illustration of factorial design in motion!)

Experiment four.7

In the primary experiment, we examined three variations in opposition to the management. As the experiment quantity suggests, this was not the primary take a look at we ran with Annie Selke, usually. But it’s the ‘first’ take a look at on this story.

ab testing marketing control
Experiment four.7 management product class web page.

Variation A featured an remoted change to the ‘Sort By’ filters under the picture, making it a drop down menu.

ab testing marketing example
Replaced authentic ‘Sort By’ classes with a extra conventional drop-down menu.


This change was knowledgeable by qualitative click on map knowledge, which confirmed low interplay with the unique filters. Strategists additionally theorized that, with out context, guests might not even know that these containers are filters (primarily based on e-commerce finest practices). This variation was constructed on the management.

Variation B was additionally constructed on the management, and featured one other remoted change to scale back the left navigation.

ab testing marketing example
Reduced left-hand navigation.


Click map knowledge confirmed that almost all guests had been clicking on “Size” and “Palette”, and previous testing had revealed that Annie Selke guests had been delicate to eradicating distractions. Plus, the persuasion precept, referred to as the Paradox of Choice, theorizes that extra alternative = extra anxiousness for guests.

Unlike variation B, variation C was constructed on variation A, and featured a last remoted change: a collapsed left navigation.

Collapsed left-hand filter (built on VarA).
Collapsed left-hand filter (constructed on VarA).


This variation was knowledgeable by the identical proof as variation B.


Variation A (constructed on the management) noticed a lower in transactions of -23.2%.
Variation B (constructed on the management) noticed no change.
Variation C (constructed on variation A) noticed a lower in transactions of -1.9%.

But wait! Because variation C was constructed on variation A, we knew that the estimated worth of change C (the collapsed filter), was 19.1%.

The subsequent step was to validate our estimated raise of 19.1% in a comply with up experiment.

Experiment four.eight

The follow-up take a look at additionally featured three variations versus the unique management. Because, it’s best to by no means waste the chance to collect extra insights!

Variation A was our validation variation. It featured the collapsed filter (change C) from four.7’s variation C, however maintained the unique ‘Sort By’ performance from four.7’s management.

ab testing marketing example
Collapsed filter & authentic ‘Sort By’ performance.

Variation B was constructed on variation A, and featured two adjustments emphasizing customer fascination with colours. We 1) modified the left nav filter from “palette” to “color”, and a pair of) added shade imagery throughout the left nav filter.

ab testing marketing example
Updated “palette” to “color”, and added shade imagery. (A variation that includes two clustered adjustments).


Click map knowledge instructed that Annie Selke guests are most fascinated with refining their results by shade, and previous take a look at results additionally confirmed customer sensitivity to shade.

Variation C was constructed on variation A, and featured a single remoted change: we made the collapsed left nav persistent because the customer scrolled.

ab testing marketing example
Made the collapsed filter persistent.


Scroll maps and click on maps instructed that guests need to scroll down the web page, and look at many merchandise.


Variation A led to a 15.6% enhance in transactions, which is fairly shut to our estimated 19% raise, validating the worth of the collapsed left navigation!

Variation B was the massive winner, main to a 23.6% enhance in transactions. Based on this win, we might estimate the worth of the emphasis on shade.

Variation C resulted in a 9.eight% enhance in transactions, however as a result of it was constructed on variation A (not on the management), we realized that the persistent left navigation was really answerable for a lower in transactions of -11.2%.

This is what factorial design seems like in motion: huge wins, and massive insights, knowledgeable by human intelligence.

The finest testing framework for you

What are your testing targets?

If you might be in a scenario the place potential income features outweigh the potential insights to be gained or your take a look at has little long-term worth, you might have considered trying to go with an ordinary A/B cluster take a look at.

If you have got heaps and many visitors, and worth insights above every thing, multivariate could also be for you.

If you need the growth-driving energy of pure A/B testing, in addition to insightful takeaways about your prospects, it’s best to discover factorial design.

A observe of encouragement: With factorial design, your exams will get better as you proceed to take a look at. With each take a look at, you’ll be taught extra about how your prospects behave, and what they need. Which will make each subsequent speculation smarter, and each take a look at extra impactful.

One 10% win with out insights might flip heads your course now, however a take a look at that delivers insights can flip into 5 10% wins down the road. It’s related to the compounding impact: accumulating insights now can imply large payouts over time.

– Michael St Laurent


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